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bttf_slash's Journal

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Back To The Future Slash
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Back To The Future is a timeless story of universal human experiences, like the quest for self-knowledge, overcoming adversity, and going to the school dance with your mother. It is this spirit we seek to honor and uplift through our works.

Actually, that's a lie. We're all just here for the porn.

Remember people, incest makes baby Marty Jr. cry!

The curious may want to check out Sixty Seconds to
, drworm's excellent George/Marty website. There is no non-pairing-specific slash site up as of yet. Check out the C2 community on Fanfiction.Net instead.

The easily offended may want to look at backtothefanfic, a more "vanilla" community for mainstream and gen stuff.

For an archive of all BttF fanfic, gen, slash, and het alike, go to:

Those lacking perspective may want to read this.

Vaguely affiliated communites: pp69, the Pretentious Perversion 69 Multi-Fandom challenge. Help us grow!

NEW: The fandom has a page in a Wiki! Go there and learn all about our glorious incredibly short history.

As always, flames will be either ignored or made to look very, very stupid indeed.



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