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New Doc/Marty Fic: Jukebox

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Oct. 19th, 2015 | 11:30 pm
posted by: irisbleufic in bttf_slash

Title: Jukebox

Fandom: Back to the Future Trilogy (w/characters from BTTF: The Game)

Pairing/Characters: Emmett “Doc” Brown/Marty McFly; Ensemble Cast (Jennifer Parker, various McFlys, Tiff Tannen, Marty's band-mates [The Pinheads] appearing as the OCs I've fleshed them as elsewhere, etc.)

Rating: Explicit [NSFW]

Word Count: 13,880

Notes: Stand-alone. Unconnected to any of the previous timelines/universes.  Exhibit A: I'd somehow never noticed before that, during the pan-around in the opening scene, we see that Doc has a jukebox in his garage-slash-lab-slash-residence. Exhibit B: Doc blows a kiss after the DeLorean from his vantage-point on the clock tower as Marty speeds off at the end of Part I. Exhibit C: When Doc's seeing Marty off to 1885 at the start of Part III, he shouts "Vaya con dios!" I had discovered that this Spanish phrase ("Go with God") is a reference to the 1953 recording of a song by that title that was still wildly popular in 1955. I finally looked up the lyrics, which I had not bothered to do even though I'd used this piece of information (that it was a song reference) briefly in As Easy As Love, read the lyrics, listened to the full song this time, got oddly emotional, thought about the jukebox, thought about more script deconstruction, etc. About 3/4 of the events of Part III hold true for this iteration (as you'll see from where I start the first scene; this is another one with a definite cut-off/departure point like OSA 'Verse has got). The rest is more off-roading, which has been the point of this year's epic experimentation. Past October 21st, I've got to buckle down on Good Omens commitments or bust. Thanks for taking a chance on this! Happy 2015: there's not much of it left.

Summary: Six days, six songs, and six ways to over-think your history.

(Read it @ AO3)


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