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New Fic: As Hard as Consequence (Marty/Doc)

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Mar. 6th, 2015 | 10:47 am
posted by: irisbleufic in bttf_slash

Title: As Hard As Consequence
Fandom: Back to the Future (canon divergence post-Part II)
Pairing/Characters: Marty/Doc; Lorraine, George, Dave, and Linda McFly; Biff, Jo, Tiff, Don, and Doug Tannen; Jennifer Parker and her parents; Goldie Wilson and family
Rating: Explicit [NSFW]
Word Count: 14,000 [26,000 for dualogy overall]
Notes: This is a follow-up / companion piece to One Step Away. This is exactly what happened with Time Bomb Town, so I shouldn't be surprised. A secret rarely remains such indefinitely, so a lot of what counts is how you handle others' reactions when they find out. This is an exercise in adjustment.
Summary: A thing is as hard as its consequences, and Marty McFly should know.

(Read it @ AO3)

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