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Doc/Marty Fic: 3 Parallel Stand-Alone Timelines

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Feb. 7th, 2015 | 08:30 pm
posted by: irisbleufic in bttf_slash

Title: Time Bomb Town
Fandom: Back to the Future Trilogy (Parts I & II, timeline divergence post-latter)
Pairings/Characters: Marty/Doc, Copernicus the dog, George McFly/Lorraine Baines, Biff Tannen & Cronies, Goldie Wilson, Lou Caruthers, Marvin Berry & The Starlighters, Dave McFly, Linda McFly
Rating: Mildly NSFW? [parties herein are consenting adults, if that's your concern]
Word Count: 10,880
Warnings: Unfortunate period racism, hints at unfortunate period homophobia, unfortunate Billy Joel song references Marty keeps to himself because he thinks they're clever and nobody will know what he's talking about anyway, etc. But there are also happy things, like buddingfeministwriter!George.
Notes: For my anons, neverrwhere, myfavoriteismike, nonsenseflora, havingbeenbreathedout, pinchofnutmeg, and wheredidiputmycigar. I re-watch this trilogy every other year; I saw all three films for the first time when Part III came out on VHS. As entrenched as I was in fandom culture by the age of fourteen, I didn't think to go looking for BttF fanfiction until 2007. By some strange twist of fate (I wasn't even looking for slash; I was looking for BttF fic, period) the first stories I read were several excellent Marty/Doc pieces by usedusernames and KleenexwomanThis story is one of those wildcard pokes-with-a-stick in which I occasionally indulge; I've wanted to try my hand at these characters' voices for a long time, and what better year to do it than 2015? My predecessors played with the trope that happens to be my favorite line of what-if inquiry (i.e. Marty gets stuck in 1955), so I don't doubt they've influenced me greatly. Apologies to Lindsey Buckingham for borrowing his song title (it's the tune on Marty's clock radio in Part I).
Summary: "I hate to wonder out loud," said Marty, slowly, "but do you think we're now in an alternate timeline like that other nineteen eighty-five all because I got stuck here and you got zapped to oblivion?"

(Read it @ AO3)


Title: I Am Waiting (Should I Be Waiting?)
Fandom: Back to the Future Film Trilogy / Telltale Games fusion
Pairing/Characters: Marty McFly/Emmett Brown; various Browns, McFlys, & other Hill Valley denizens
Rating: Explicit [NSFW]
Word Count: 9,600
Notes: On my first pass at writing BTTF, I was relying solely on the films and stranded Marty in 1955. This time around, I'm fascinated by the universe extension provided by the Telltale Games Back to the Future interactive adventure that was released in five episodes from 2010 – 2011 (watch the full 7-hour walk-through here; I didn't know this game existed till about four weeks ago), and I'm stranding Marty in the 1930s. I've tried to write this such that you don't need to have experienced the game; what you really need to know is that, in the game, we meet Emmett as a young man (seventeen-going-on-eighteen, just like Marty). Emmett and Marty interact a great deal in the game's 1931 timeline, but, for my purposes, I'm shifting it to 1938, because I'm stubborn enough to insist on film-'verse dates (i.e. Doc was born in 1920; that means that in the game universe he'd only be turning 11 in 1931, but clearly he's about to turn 18, so 1938 it is). The hilarity of it all was that I kept seeing fan art of Marty with this lanky redhead, and I kept thinking, What's going on here? This is freaking adorable. Is this how people picture Doc when he was young? I believe it. And then it turned out to be art referencing the game, etc. For myfavoriteismike (and neverrwhere), who eloquently prompted: The idea of Marty staying in the past and finding Doc before he’s really become Doc is fascinating. I can imagine Marty waiting around for teenage Emmett to turn into the person he remembers, just being so lonely, having Doc so close but not really himself. Maybe see how love unfolds in this scenario where Marty is trying to come to terms with the idea that the person he knew is still being formed? Title and section epigraph quotes taken from closing track (A Beginning Song) of the Decemberists' new album. All of the dialogue in the first few paragraphs, up through "I guarantee it," are lifted from the scene in the game that I use as a transition/divergence point for the proceedings of this piece.
Summary: "Life can be short, sometimes brutally so...so why not seize the day and grab your happiness while you can?" —Telltale Games, BTTF (Ep. 4: Double Visions)

(Read it @ AO3)


Title: One Step Away
Fandom: Back to the Future Trilogy
(Parts I & II, timeline divergence post-latter)
Pairings/Characters: Marty/Doc; Lorraine/George, Dave, Linda, Jennifer Parker, Biff Tannen (plus Tannen kids), Goldie Wilson, Einstein
Rating: Explicit [NSFW]
Word Count: 11,700
Notes: Given I’ve gone so far as to have executed the premise of this relationship both in 1955 and in 1938, it didn’t seem right to walk away without completing the hat trick (a trilogy of stories for a trilogy of films, as it were, although the stories are only directly connected in that they play out the same endgame in three different timelines). This is number three; 1985 was the only remaining year in which I was curious to attempt this (I’ve cut out 1885 on all fronts; I regard it as the weakest of the films, and also the least probable in a sea of already improbable events, as much as I enjoy it). Anyone who’s legit bothered by significant age difference will probably want to bow out now; that said, I’m amazed that Time Bomb Town was so well received even with the gap closed to eighteen years (there’s no gap to speak of in I Am Waiting (Should I Be Waiting?), so, if bothered but still curious, maybe that’s the one for you). 2015 was a long time coming; consider these stories my attempt at celebration.  Title this time stolen from the song playing on Red the Bum’s radio the night Marty gets back to 1985 at the end of the first film (Eric Clapton’s Heaven Is One Step Away). First few lines of dialogue are lifted from the end of the second film; after that, we’re off-road and flying.  As a side-note, I’m not making up the fact that there are two beds in Doc’s garage-lab residence; they’re positioned in the space exactly as described.
Summary: We searched all through the night / I couldn’t find it; you couldn’t find it

(Read it @ AO3)
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